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Hello Life!

OK, so I have finally decided to start writing a blog in English:)

I have been infrequently blogging in my native language Bengali for a while now. I have always thought I can be more expressive in Bengali and I am or never was a fluent English speaker or writer. Anyway, here I am, writing my first English blog on WordPress! Wish me luck:)

I was thinking what to focus on about writing in this new blog. I know my interests span almost everything in life. I find life quite fascinating and exciting to have one:) I know I know its often not fair, but hey, we never had a choice before life was “breathed” into us! We live a life for which we never asked for, so probably we can’t even specify the rules of the game here in this world.

So I decided why not write about life itself – my life, people’s lives. Then I thought I love science and technology and the wonders they make possible, the joy and comfort they bring to our lives. So I will probably be writing about those as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a great day!